Meet Jan!

Jan Lammens is junior strategic consultant at Brandhome. And while typing this on his laptop, he realises that he doesn’t like writing about himself in third person.

Anyway, Jan has a degree is communication management at Artesis Plantijn University College in Antwerp. During his studies, he did an internship at Brandhome where he got introduced to the strategic, unconventional mindset of the Brandhomies. After his bachelor, Jan joined Belgian Advertising School. There he strengthened his strategic and creative thinking and discovered the joy of copywriting.

After being copywriter for a year, Jan decided to get serious and returned to Brandhome to become a brand strategist. He has an aversion for traditional advertising and believes that brands can and should do better. In order to be a strong brand, it needs to be meaningful to its customers and to society. Only by adding true value to people’s lives, it will get their loyalty in return.

Jan holds the Belgian nationality and is fluent in Dutch and English, with a good comprehension of French.

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